History of the Apparatus

Welcome to the Lingohocken Fire Company's journey through time, where we recount the remarkable history of our firefighting apparatus. Since our establishment, we have been committed to serving our community with dedication and valor, and our fleet of apparatus has played a crucial role in fulfilling that mission. Join us as we take you through the decades, recounting the stories and milestones behind each piece of apparatus that has served our community faithfully.

The Early 20th Century


In the early 20th century, the Lingohocken Fire Company's firefighting journey began with remarkable innovations. The 1913 Buick/Boyd chemical truck, equipped with a 75-gallon Kenawha chemical tank, was an early hero, responding to 19 alarms in its very first year of service. The 1924 Hahn HFD marked a significant milestone as the company's inaugural pumper, carrying 550 feet of essential hose. During these decades, as fire service evolved, so did our commitment to safeguarding our community.

1913 Buick / Boyd

A 75-gallon Kanawha chemical truck that answered 19 alarms in its first year of service.

1924 Hahn HFD

The company's first pumper, carrying 550 feet of hose.

1926 Ford Model T

An old photo indicated it may have been wrecked.

1930 Ford Model AA / American LaFrance Open Cab

Purchased in 1947 to replace the Stutz 6. Sold in 1954 to Cameron's Junkyard on Rt. 1 and Old Lincoln Highway.

1931 Stutz 6

Purchased for $90.00, replacing the 1926 Model T.

1938 Autocar / US Fire Apparatus

Replaced the 1923 Hahn, converted to a tanker in 1951, retired in 1956.

Mid-20th Century


The mid-20th century saw Lingohocken Fire Company enter a transformative era in firefighting technology. The 1951 Ward LaFrance semi-cab, boasting 1,500 feet of hose, was emblematic of this period's commitment to greater firefighting capacity. The 1955 Ford F-750, with its unique canvas top, added versatility, and in 1957, the introduction of the Ward LaFrance 1,000-gallon per minute pumper marked a significant leap in our firefighting capabilities. As we moved through the 1960s and 1970s, our commitment to modernization remained steadfast.

1951 Ward LaFrance Semi-Cab

Carried 1,500 feet of hose, sold in 1966.

1955 Ford F-750 / Harwick semi-cab

Had a canvas top placed over the open cab, sold to Upper Makefield Fire Company in 1976 and painted forest green.

1957 Ward LaFrance semi-cab

One of the first 1,000-gallon per minute pumpers of the era, eventually sold to an individual collector.

1930 Ford Model AA / American LaFrance Open Cab

Purchased in 1947 to replace the Stutz 6. Sold in 1954 to Cameron's Junkyard on Rt. 1 and Old Lincoln Highway.

1958 Ford C-800 / Harwick cabinet style tanker body

V-8 gas motor with 5-speed manual transmission.

1965 Hahn 78 / Cincinnati semi-cab forward

Donated to Tri-Community VFD in Lee County, KY in 1992, played a major role in a large lumber yard fire.

Late 20th Century to 21st Century


In the late 20th century and into the 21st century, the Lingohocken Fire Company embraced new challenges with vigor. The 1969 International Loadstar 1600, a custom full-width 4X4 field truck, was emblematic of our adaptability, equipped with wide mud & snow tires for varied terrains. The 1973 Hahn 84, donated to Waveland, MS Fire Company in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, exemplified our commitment to helping fellow communities in times of crisis. Today, our modern apparatus like the 2019 John Deere Gator 865m/Q Tac Skid Unit reflects our dedication to serving our community with the latest technology and resources. Our journey continues as we evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of fire service in the 21st century.

1969 International Loadstar 1600 / Bricktown

Custom full-width 4X4 field truck with wide mud & snow tires.

1973 Hahn 84, Model HCP-15 canopy cab

Donated to Waveland, MS Fire Company to replace apparatus destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

1976 GMC Sierra 454 / Hamerly

Custom Mini Pumper used as a first responder for emergency medical calls starting in 1993.

1981 International Paystar 5000

 1000/3000 front-mounted pump; Cabinet style, 3,000-gallon tanker, sold in 1997.

1990 Spartan Gladiator Eurospace LFD Engine

In 1995, while working a barn fire with 5 classic cars inside, it was struck by a gas shock absorber that exploded off a 1987 Porsche. No one was injured however, the shock struck a ladder on the side of the truck and bent the rung.

1997 E-One Cyclone IIC Rescue

4 door, 6 passenger, raised roof climate controlled cab. 9 bay utility body with Holmatro rescue tools and 6000 PSI air cascade system. Currently in service as Rescue 35.

1997 Kenworth / S&S, 750/3500 Tanker

Detroit Series 60 - 430 HP diesel. Currently in service as Tanker 35

2003 E-One Cyclone II Engines (Twins)

500 gallon CAFS engines. Currently in service as Engine 35 and Engine 95.

2006 Ford F-550 / Guardian Field Truck

Replaced the 1969 International field truck. Currently in service as Field 35.

2005 Freightliner M2 /Montana Fire Works

4X4 Engine equipped with Class A foam. Purchased in 2010 form Park County Rural Fire District in Livingston, MT. Currently serving as Engine 85.

2019 John Deere Gator 865m /Q Tac Skid Unit

4X4 utility side by side with an 80 gal combination fire attack and rescue skid unit. Deployed on a utility trailer. Currently serving as Special Service 35.