Proudly serving Wrightstown, Upper Makefield and, Buckingham Townships for over 100 years and counting.

Discover the heart of community safety and service at Lingohocken Fire Company. For decades, we have proudly stood as guardians of local communities, dedicated to protecting lives, property, and well-being.

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"More Than Brick and Mortar"

The Lingohocken Fire Company stands as a beacon of community collaboration and unwavering commitment. Our firehouse, constructed brick by brick by our members of the past, is more than brick and mortar; it represents the steadfast spirit of a community that comes together in times of need. For over a century, we have proudly provided 100% volunteer fire and rescue services to Wrightstown, Buckingham, and Upper Makefield; in addition to its surrounding areas, extending our reach to neighboring communities when duty calls. Our history is one of shared purpose; a legacy of protecting lives and property, and a constant reminder that the Lingohocken name continues to embody the values of unity, strength, and service.

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Empowering Community Safety

Junior Firefighter Program

Our history of training and nurturing tomorrow's heroes began in 1973 with our Junior Firefighting program. Modeled after our adult firefighters, this initiative empowered young leaders to organize, fundraise, and contribute essential equipment.

Discover more about this initiative and its impact as you delve into the History of the Apparatus we use.

Controlled Burn information

Open burning regulations vary depending on the township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. If you plan to conduct a controlled burn, it is essential to follow the guidelines specific to your location.

In Wrightstown Township, burning is allowed starting two hours after sunrise and must be extinguished two hours before sunset. Ensure that your burn is at least 50 feet away from any structure, and note that construction materials are not allowed. If you intend to have bonfires or ceremonial fires, you should contact the Township Fire Marshal during regular business hours at (215) 598-3313, Extension 104, one week before your planned event for approval. More detailed information can be found on the township's website.

Buckingham Township permits burning starting one hour after sunrise, and it must be extinguished one hour before sunset. Additional information regarding open burning regulations in Buckingham Township can be accessed on their official website.

However, in Upper Makefield Township, open burning is not permitted under any circumstances.

For all controlled burns, it is recommended to contact Bucks County Emergency Communications at 215-328-8525 before starting the fire. Provide them with your address and an estimate of how long you will be burning. After the burn is completed, make sure to call back and inform them that it has been extinguished to ensure safety and compliance with regulations.

Forging a safer future together

In 2012, we ushered in a new era of safety with the introduction of our high-tech Fire and Weather Safety Training Trailer. This remarkable advancement underscores our unwavering commitment to progress and innovation in firefighting and emergency response. Our commitment to elevating safety standards is made possible through the generous support of donors like you, enabling us to invest in cutting-edge equipment, thermal imaging technology, and advanced tools.

As we push the boundaries of what's possible, we invite you to join us in shaping the future of firefighting and emergency response. Your support as a donor is instrumental in helping us maintain our high standards and continue our vital mission.

If you're inspired by our technological advancements and our mission to enhance safety, we encourage you click the button below to explore how you can become a valued donor. All donations are greatly appreciated! Your contribution will make a significant impact, ensuring that we can continue to save lives and protect our community with the latest advancements in firefighting technology. Together, we can forge a safer future.

Community resources

Connecting with Community Resources

At Lingohocken Fire Company, we are committed to enhancing community safety through valuable resources and partnerships. Explore how we provide essential tools and information to empower our community members.

Address Signs

Clear and visible address signs play a crucial role in emergency response. We offer guidance on proper placement and design to ensure quick and accurate assistance during critical moments, and also sell custom address signs.

Homeowners Insurance Essentials

Securing homeowners insurance to safeguarding your property is a must! Discover key information frequently requested by insurance companies, ensuring a seamless process and comprehensive coverage.


Access a curated list of relevant links to important local and regional resources, including emergency services, government agencies, and safety organizations, to stay informed and connected.


Explore the backbone of our emergency response. Discover our firefighting apparatus, carefully maintained and equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure swift and effective interventions.

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