Properly display your house numbers so emergency personnel can find your residence quickly!

Lingohocken Fire Company, Police and Emergency Medical Services strongly encourage all residents to properly post their address. To assist residents, the Lingohocken Fire Company has begun processing orders for blue reflective address signs that can be displayed near the street.

They may be displayed either on a mailbox or a post in the front yard. If your mailbox is not located on your property, it is recommended to have the reflective sign posted on a post, at least 3 feet high in your front yard or at the end of the driveway so it is visible in both directions.

Designed for Easy Readability

We understand that quick and accurate readability is crucial during emergencies. That's why our signs are thoughtfully crafted at 6" by 18" – dimensions perfectly tuned for ideal readability. Rounded corners and prominent 3" numbers make your address stand out, ensuring that crucial information is grasped at a glance, without any unnecessary effort.

Enhanced Visibility, Any Time of Day

Our Address Signs boast a double-sided design in a blue hue with crisp white numbers. This combination isn't just aesthetically pleasing – it's a strategic choice for impeccable visibility. The high-contrast palette ensures your address stands out prominently against any backdrop, making it effortlessly noticeable, day or night. With a background designed for optimal reflectivity, your address remains easy to spot, even in the dead of night, guiding emergency responders right to your door.

Built to Endure

Your safety shouldn't waver in the face of the elements. Our Address Signs are constructed from heavy-gauge aluminum, engineered to be rust and weather-proof. Rain or shine, these signs will remain unyielding, preserving their integrity and your peace of mind. Rest assured that your address will be clearly displayed, regardless of the weather conditions.

Signs are $15.00 each and

include mounting hardware

To order please fill out the form below.
Please write a check made out to: Lingohocken Fire Company, PO Box 102, Wycombe, PA. 18980

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