Becoming a Member

          Becoming a member with the Lingohocken Fire Company is a commitment to giving back to the Community in which you live. There are several ways to become a Member, either as a Firefighter, an Associate or an Assisting Member. Our Membership comes from a wide variety of backgrounds, such as chemists, students, financial consultants, emergency services, farmers, self employed just to name a few.

          The type of Membership is broken down in 4 different areas:

                          1) Firefighter: This is the main function of the department. You respond to calls for service in the Community. There is an all expenses paid training program which starts you out with basic firefighting skills. Once through this program where you go from there is up to you. There are different advance firefighting classes, you can branch off into Rescue classes such as vehicle rescue, cliff rescue and confined space rescue just to name a few. All advanced training is paid for by the fire company. The fire company provides all state of the art equipment at no cost to the member. All active members have a Company paid Life Insurance policy as well as paid retirement program. This class of membership is 18 years and older.

                          2) Junior Firefighter: This program falls under Firefighter but is for members starting at the age of 14. Same benefits as above however they are not put into any fire situations until they are 18 years old. They gain all the basic fire knowledge and once they turn 18 years old would have to take 1 module in live fire training to became an Active interior firefighter. Their time around the firehouse is restricted by the Child Labor Laws and would need to obtain working papers. There are stages of progression as to work a Junior is able to do and advances with their age.

                         3) Associate Member: These are the members behind the scenes. The Firefighters are the ones out front and you see during times of need. The Associates are the Members that play a vital roll in Fund Raising and assisting the Firefighters in their functions. They help out with Grange Fair parking, make the pancake breakfast a success and support the firefighters with refreshments during major incidents.

                         4) Assisting Member: These are Firefighters who are active with another Fire Organization and either work or spend time in our area. When in the area will respond to fire calls with our department.

            Whichever type of Membership is for you, we have a job in which your talents can be put to use.  Please contact us at 215-598-3500 or stop by the Main Firehouse at 1090 Washington Ave. in Wycombe on any Tues night after 7pm.

            To print out a Fire Company Application, click here.





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